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Our driving force behind our product developments: if there is nothing comparable on the market, then we develop a solution ourselves that meets our requirements. Because in the past there were no mounts and steles on the open market that met customer requirements and our service philosophy, we also began to design our own solutions in the area of mounts and steles.

For more than 20 years, we have been represented on the market with a wide variety of solutions for touch displays. We implement the requirements and wishes of our customers as an all-round feel-good package. This starts with consulting and conception, continues with implementation and ends with long-term full-service support, if desired.



Product development from the perspective of our customers

A customer from the point of sale sector, for example, knows exactly how the screen should be positioned in or on their shelves. We contribute our expertise and advise the customer on any location requirements and what needs to be taken into account. Above all, however, we keep an eye on the mounts when it comes to service: Quick and easy installation is a prerequisite for us. Even in the event of relocation or servicing, disassembly and reinstallation should be quick and uncomplicated – without having to clear out the entire shelf every time. This saves time and therefore also the customer’s money, and is also easy on the nerves of the merchandiser carrying out the conversion.

We have therefore focused primarily on magnetic mounting of the digital touch displays in the point of sale area. This makes installation child’s play and the magnets ensure a secure and reliable hold.

When designing our brackets, we also ensure that as little shelf space as possible is covered. This is known to be expensive and rare. For this reason, we have developed a holder that protrudes beyond the price rail and allows the goods to be placed on the shelf behind the monitor as usual. This does not interfere with the walkways. By attaching the tablet, the customer’s attention is drawn to the product and at the same time the full shelf space remains usable.

Wall brackets and flush-mounted mounting frames for quick and easy installation

Unfortunately, vandalism is very common, especially in publicly accessible areas. To provide our devices with the best possible protection against this, we have designed sturdy and durable wall mounts. The protective metal housing of the wall mount is theft-proof thanks to a multi-point lock and an integrated security lock. Cables are routed inside the bracket so that they are not visible and the device interfaces are not accessible from the outside,

When developing the wall brackets, we focused on simple installation and an attractive appearance. The two-part wall mount for devices up to 32″ is designed for one-man installation. The rear panel of the bracket is attached to the wall, while the front part of the bracket is mounted directly on the device and delivered by us. On site, the Infodisplay then only needs to be hooked in and connected to the power supply.

Our sturdy wall mounts offer even more advantages: As they are permanently attached to the building, our digital info displays can be included in the building insurance. A device with a flush-mounted bracket for installation in the wall is also better protected against vandalism.

Flush-mounted brackets are particularly suitable when planning a new build or building renovation, as they allow media technology to be flush with the wall after final installation. The flush-mounted bracket is currently available for our 32” devices.

Sustainability through long-term availability

The external dimensions of consumer devices change with every new model. We, on the other hand, attach great importance to ensuring that the dimensions of our media technology remain the same for years to come. As we control the production of our tablets ourselves, our customers can be sure that if they replace their devices after a few years, they can continue to use the holders, stands and wall mounts. This saves costs twice over: there are no new purchase costs for suitable mounts and installation is also quick and easy.

A practical example from a customer

We have developed a special holder for the color selection center for our customer hagebau. This gives customers in the color department the opportunity to see the wall color not just as a color card, but in a virtual room furnished with furniture. This gives an initial impression of how the color will look in the room and in combination with the furnishings, thus helping customers to make a decision. The desired color is held under the scanner integrated in the fixture, which captures the color and reproduces it in the virtual room as a colored wall. The special feature here is that the scanner is built into the holder of the display and the color cards can be inserted precisely into the holder. This ensures that the color card is captured by the scanner at the correct angle and distance and that the color is correctly detected and displayed virtually.

In addition to brackets, we have also developed a number of pedestals for mounting our displays from 10” to 43”. Our GKT column, for example, is suitable for 32” and 43” devices. This was used as a recruiting solution for our customer Globus, among others: there is a 43″ terminal on the GKT column in all Globus DIY stores in Germany and Luxembourg. The tablet provides interested customers with information on vacancies in the respective store and on training opportunities at Globus Baumarkt.

After consultation, the stele can be wrapped in the customer’s corporate identity colors. Additional add-on parts such as brochure holders can also be implemented.

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