Android-based kiosk software "Made in Germany"

With GKT Remote and GKT Kiosk, you can ensure the operation and functionality of our hardware and also protect your system against manipulation and unauthorized access.

GKT Kiosk as in-house kiosk software

After the one-off configuration, the GKT Kiosk ensures that applications are started reliably as soon as power is supplied. The GKT Kiosk software primarily protects the application and ensures that it is always displayed in the foreground on the screen. The GKT Kiosk enables the display of all standard application types such as

Android APPs – HTML5 APPs incl. CSS3 and JavaScript – PDF display – Playlists with video elements.

In addition, the kiosk function prevents unauthorized persons from operating or even manipulating the device, so that only the desired application with the intended content runs in the foreground. In addition, all relevant technical settings can be made in the Gkt-Kiosk software menu without the user having to access the Android settings.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Autostart: automatic start of the application after power supply
  • Application security: protection against manipulation
  • Content: manages multiple applications
  • Network configuration: simple menu for storing installations
  • Sound: quick configuration of volume levels
  • Screensaver: improved shopper response with simultaneous prevention of the so-called “burn-in effect”
  • Expert mode: extended admin functions in the configuration menu for experts/technicians only

The powerful hardware from gekartel also ensures that content can be played back smoothly and without disruptive loading times.

GKT-Remote Software

GKT-Remote was developed as a browser-based dashboard for device management, monitoring and remote maintenance of devices in the field. With the newly added VNC feature, the screen display of each linked Infodisplay can also be mirrored live on your own computer and the devices can be operated remotely using a keyboard and mouse. This allows displayed content to be changed, devices to be reconfigured or error messages to be checked. The remote maintenance option allows customers to maintain their devices independently – saving time, nerves and operating costs.

The Android tablets automatically connect to the GKT remote server and transmit their status. This can be viewed and monitored via the dashboard. The following features are also available:

  • Function control: problem analysis at a glance
  • Logging: evaluation of user behavior
  • Software updates: updating apps and content
  • Job concept: execution of decentralized tasks
  • Remote maintenance: configuration of devices in the field, e.g. via VNC or shell access
  • and many more …

License model for digital signage software for content maintenance

If you want to maintain your content centrally yourself, you can also purchase a license to use digital signage software from our partner PROVISIO (SiteKiosk). For example, tenant information can be maintained easily and intuitively on the digital house board. The web-based input interface can be accessed from anywhere.

You will receive your personal login for data entry. This allows you to easily maintain the desired content. Take advantage of this:

  • Great design variety
  • Presentation of texts with images, image galleries, slideshows
  • Links to PDF documents, images, videos and websites
  • Link to your contact form for interactive communication with your tenants