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Home office. Flexibility. Work-life balance.

These are the buzzwords of New Work. In today’s dynamic working world, employees work remotely several times a week. This means that the concept of traditional office space is no longer valid and workplaces and meeting rooms remain unused. When colleagues are working from home, meetings take place online. A meeting room is usually superfluous. In order to redefine workplace management and utilise meeting rooms efficiently, e-shelter security, a leading expert in building management and security systems, looked for innovative solutions as part of a partnership with Hypoport SE, a well-known company in the credit, real estate and insurance sectors.

Digital room signage was the solution for more efficient utilisation of the premises and simple management of the meeting rooms. This needed to be able to be operated both centrally and locally and be integrated into the network. In the search for 10-inch touch tablets, it turned out that standard tablets do not have the necessary durability and functionality for continuous operation. This is why gekartel AG was chosen, as its experience in digitalisation and automation projects was convincing and it offered industrial-grade hardware solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Another plus point was that, in addition to the devices, the portfolio also included the corresponding service and a comprehensive management tool – GKT Remote.

Room booking 2.0

During implementation, the focus was on realising specific customer requirements. In particular, gekartel AG demonstrated its flexibility and technical expertise in the activation of special security protocols, which were necessary for network authentication.

To date, 180 10-inch touchscreens have been ordered for various projects. At Hypoport SE, 84 devices serve as digital door signs for conference rooms, providing real-time insights into room availability and enabling streamlined booking processes directly via the tablet interface. By integrating GKT Remote, administrators can control the devices centrally and monitor them remotely, increasing operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs. In another project, 60 units were also used as digital room signage and further smaller projects are currently being implemented.

The 10-inch touch displays have now been in use for three years and a stable partnership has developed.

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