Extensive support during continuous operation

Time, costs and organizational effort can be significantly reduced, time-consuming trips to individual locations for manual distribution at conventional information outlets with paper management are eliminated altogether. We offer our customers comprehensive service in the area of content and device management. This means that your content is always up-to-date and the systems receive the latest update for all-round protection. We update the devices with our DSGVO-compliant and tamper-proof device and content management system centrally via remote maintenance from our location in Dresden.

Our services

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  • Development of individual layouts in the customer CD/CI
  • Training
  • 24/7 functional control of the hardware during operation
  • Remote maintenance (repair of malfunctions)
  • Support & Troubleshooting Hotline
  • Statistics on usage behavior

Content creation and maintenance

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Together with you, we create the front-end layout of the digital signage display interface, such as the digital house board with the desired content boxes and their functionalities. The focus is always on user-friendliness for the end user. Your individual corporate design is integrated into the display interface. With the diversity of our system, we can flexibly adapt to your graphic and functional specifications.

Training Service: Digital Signage Content Management Software
Our content management system (CMS) can be mastered intuitively. In order to provide you with optimal support, for example in digital tenant communication, we will train you and your employees on site and will also be available to you personally afterwards via our hotline.


Function monitoring
Troubleshooting hotline

We regularly check the status and use of your systems at all sites. Through our function monitoring, we determine, for example:

  • Whether monitors are turned on,
  • Whether displays have an online connection,
  • Whether current content is running,
  • Whether printers or scanners are working,
  • Whether there is enough paper in the printer, etc.

In addition to our function monitoring, there may be incidents that cannot be detected despite careful technical monitoring (e.g. a damaged housing). It’s good if the store personnel or field staff have a contact person directly at the site whom you can contact in an emergency.

You can reach our fault hotline Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 18:00Uhr.

Equipment for rent: Rental Park – Over 1,000 devices available.

Stock sale, sample or rent? The requirements in retail are constantly changing. We improve the hardware both in system electronics, operating interface and usability. For this reason, we regularly offer stock sales of older product generations. Samples can also be requested directly from us. For planned periods of use with shorter intervals (e.g. trade fair, showroom), tested devices from the rental pool are available.

Remain flexible at all times in your decision to purchase or rent hardware and software for your POS marketing campaign.

A rental is worthwhile for:

  • Seasonal presentations of goods
  • Short-term campaigns
  • Pilot phases
  • High quantities / many locations

In addition, service and maintenance of all your devices are in our experienced hands throughout the entire rental period. We ensure the functionality of all your displays and components through our function monitoring and fault hotline as well as fast support.

Tell us your hardware, software and application requirements so we can successfully customize solutions for your projects.