Android-based POS software "Made in Germany''

Together with our software partners, our software development team can map a wide range of services and consulting services. In addition to integrating your applications and content on the gekartel AG platform, complex projects can also be supported and implemented. We provide all necessary interfaces as API, so that you can realize a flexible and easy integration of peripherals and functions like logging or access to hardware functions.
The hardware and software of gekartel AG is consistently optimized for use, whether at the point of sale, in the real estate industry or in companies from business and industry. Through our Android operating system in combination with APPs for numerous applications, interactive content can be displayed and secured against unauthorized use.

Through constant optimization by our software development team at our Dresden location, we ensure that the advantages of future technologies are also available for the presence of our partners and customers. We are happy to bring our experience from over 15 years of software development for the point of sale into your projects.

Central approach to software development

Development at the Dresden site to ensure quality and service

Android-based operating system for maximum compatibility (currently Android 6, Android 9 in preparation)

Targeted reduction of Google services in favor of data security

Provision of uniform interfaces (API) for your application


The following services can be purchased individually

  • Adaptations and optimizations of the Android operating system (interfaces/APIs, interfaces, processes)
  • Development of POS and system applications based on Android APPs and HTML5
  • Initial "Plug and Play" installation
  • Interface configuration for connecting external systems such as merchandise management or customer card systems
  • Integration of peripherals (printer, scanner, ...) as well as statistics functions
  • IT security concept according to individual customer require

First Installation APP

Especially for extensive projects, it is necessary that the devices can be set up and configured by the personnel on site with little effort. Using an intuitive wizard, topics such as location binding, network configuration and volume can be defined directly when the device is switched on for the first time. This significantly reduces the error rate and support efforts. To date, approximately 10,000 on-site installations have been commissioned using this methodology.

  • Intuitive initial configuration by store personnel or merchandisers
  • Reduction of support efforts and misconfigurations
  • Simplification of logistics processes (no pre-configuration necessary)

GKT Kiosk as In-House Software

After the one-time configuration, GKT-Kiosk ensures that applications are reliably started immediately after power is applied. The GKT-Kiosk software primarily protects the application and ensures that it is always displayed in the foreground on the screen. The GKT-Kiosk enables the display of all common application types such as

Android APPs – HTML5 APPs incl. CSS3 and JavaScript – PDF display – Playlists with video elements.

In addition, the kiosk function rules out operation or even manipulation of the device by unauthorized persons, so that only the desired application with the intended content runs in the foreground. In addition, all relevant technical settings can be made in the menu of the gkt-Kiosk software without the operator having to call up the Android settings.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Autostart – automatic start of the application after power on
  • Application security – protection against tampering
  • Content – manages multiple applications
  • Network configuration – simple menu to store the installations
  • Sound – quick configuration of volume levels
  • Screensaver – improved shopper appeal while preventing the so-called “burn-in” effect
  • Expert mode – extended admin functions in configuration menu for experts/technicians only

gekartel’s powerful hardware also ensures that content can be played back smoothly and without disruptive loading times.

GKT-Remote Software

GKT-Remote was developed as a browser-based dashboard for device management, monitoring and remote maintenance of devices in the field. With the newly added VNC feature, the screen display of each linked info display can be mirrored live on the user’s own computer and the devices can be operated remotely via keyboard and mouse. This allows displayed content to be changed, devices to be reconfigured or error messages to be checked. The remote maintenance option enables customers to maintain their devices independently – saving time, nerves and operating costs.

The Android tablets connect independently to the GKT remote server and transmit their status. This can be viewed and controlled via the dashboard. The following features are also available:

  • Function control – problem analysis at a glance
  • Logging – evaluation of user behavior
  • Software updates – updating apps and content
  • Job concept – execution of decentralized tasks
  • Remote maintenance – configuration of devices in the field, for example via VNC or shell access
  • and many more …

License model for SaaS

Those who want to maintain their content centrally themselves can also purchase a user license for GKT-Kiosk and GKT-Remote. For example, tenant information can be easily and intuitively maintained on the Digital House Board. The web-based input interface can be accessed from anywhere.

You will receive your personal login for data entry. This allows you to easily maintain the desired content. Take advantage of:

  • Great creative variety
  • Display of texts with images, image galleries, slideshows
  • Links to PDF documents, images, videos and websites
  • Link to your contact form for interactive communication with your tenants

Content maintenance made easy

A user-friendly input mask allows you to create content for display devices such as the digital house board directly from the office. These are transferred via the Internet either to selected or all information boards at various locations and buildings and displayed immediately. It is also possible to pre-date display content to the minute, as well as to set cyclical information.

Tenants, customers or employees can be informed simultaneously and quickly at all locations and enjoy state-of-the-art and reliable service.

We are constantly developing the software for our Digital House Panels. This means that new modules can be added at any time.

IT security: data protection and rights management

Data protection is a very important and sensitive topic for us. We have taken this into account and integrated it into the complete system of our solutions. With our security software, your information is effectively protected against manipulation. Encrypted data transmission is ensured by means of TLS 1.2 and 256 bit key length. In addition, interfaces for external data output are disabled and uncontrolled surfing on the World Wide Web is not possible.

Our integrated rights management allows restricted access for different users for content maintenance and the functionality of the content boxes.

The boxes can thus be rented out for advertising purposes. Through separate logins it is possible to restrict external access for advertising partners to individual boxes.