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Information displays from gekartel already meet the requirements for device-integrated fire protection in accordance with the new VdS 6024 directive for installation in escape and rescue routes

The No. 1 for media technology: gekartel AG is the first provider of media technology on the market to be certified according to VdS6024. The first certificate of this kind was officially presented to Managing Director Klaus Schäfer by VdS product manager Heike Siefkes of VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH at the JOB Group’s “BEST Media Technology” fire protection expert seminar.

VdS 6024 is intended to simplify digitization

Media technology that does not represent an additional source of fire in an emergency is a crucial basis for further digitalization. Daycare centers, schools, public authorities, museums, libraries, but also property management companies, housing cooperatives and commercial real estate management companies have an urgent need to disseminate information in an up-to-date and timely manner. Instead of further case-by-case decisions, the VdS 6024 guideline is intended to simplify the approval process for installing digital monitors and create greater clarity. Based on the new uniform nationwide standard, fire safety officers and experts will be able to assess the installation of media technology in sensitive areas such as escape and rescue routes. According to guideline 6024, media technology tenders can be issued and submitted offers can be checked accordingly.

The VdS leaflet “Fire protection of electrical devices in sensitive areas” describes, among other things, the requirements for a device-integrated fire protection system to prevent the spread of fire in the event of a defect in the device. gekartel AG is one of the first suppliers on the market to meet the requirements for device-integrated fire protection in accordance with VdS 6024 with its touch displays.

Device-integrated fire protection with E-Bulb™ self-extinguishing system

The info displays are already equipped with the device-integrated E-Bulb™ self-extinguishing system, the smallest fire extinguisher in the world from Job, and are therefore particularly suitable for installation and use in sensitive areas such as escape and rescue routes. The device housings and installed components are also characterized by a very low fire load and have been tested and certified by MPA Dresden GmbH in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1716:2010-11, DIN EN 13823 and DIN EN 13501. The monitors therefore do not require an extra fire protection-optimized enclosure, are touch-capable and are therefore also suitable for interactive applications. Robust safety glazing provides the necessary vandalism protection against physical impact from outside.

Whether commercial properties, rental properties in the housing industry, public institutions, universities, leisure facilities, production or company buildings – digital technologies such as a digital notice board or information monitors can help to optimize processes in administration, production or companies and save time when staffing levels are tight.

Background information on the development of VdS 6024: Pioneering work for a new standard in media technology

Since the beginning of 2022, gekartel AG has been working together with representatives of insurance companies, building authorities, planners, testing bodies, independent manufacturers and users within a working group (ARGE) under the auspices of the globally recognized institution VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH to develop the VdS 6024 guideline. The aim was to ensure that the effectiveness and reliability of device-integrated fire protection components can be independently tested in practice. Previously, there were no standardized regulations or clear instructions when it came to fire protection requirements and the approval of media technology for installation in sensitive areas.

In order to develop a standardized test and inspection methodology, the 32-inch touchscreen TFT panel from gekartel AG (as an independent manufacturer) was used as the test object. The digital info displays in the sizes 22″, 32″, 43″ and 55″ are equipped with the device-integrated self-extinguishing device E-Bulb™ from JOB GmbH.

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