Professional Touchscreen PC's for different application areas

Interactive product advisors and virtual shelf extensions in stationary retail are mainly found in DIY stores, pharmacies, sports & games, and electronics stores. In the real estate sector and smart building, our tablets are used as digital house boards, wayfinding systems or information terminals.

The requirements for the touchscreen tablets are often identical:

Power ON – automatic start after power supply

Network – interfaces for network connection via Wifi, LAN or LTE

Touchscreen – functional, reliable recognition of common touch gestures

Mounting – easy and secure mounting on the shelf (VESA on the tablet)

Robust design – tamper and vandalism protection, secured interfaces and hidden cables

suitable for continuous operation.

POS-10 Tablet

Short info
  • Modular 10" tablet of the latest generation
  • 10“ IPS Panel
  • WiFi integrated
  • Capacitive multitouch (10 points)
  • Resolution: 1280x800
  • Format 16:10
  • Brightness 350 cd/m²
  • Built-in speakers (2x 1W)
  • Height x width: 177 x 256 mm

The POS-10 Tablet (approx. 25.5 cm screen diagonal), developed for digital POS marketing, is the first choice when it comes to displaying interactive content in portrait or landscape format. It is VESA compatible and its robust plastic housing makes it ideal for use in DIY stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, museums or shopping malls.

The capacitive multitouch recognizes all typical touch gestures like on a smartphone. Wifi functionality (2.4 Ghz + 5 Ghz) is integrated as standard and can be clearly managed via the GKT-Kiosk software.

Furthermore, it is possible to connect the POS tablet to the Internet via an additional LTE interface and integrated SIM cards. If an online connection is available, the GKT-Remote software monitors the functionality of the touchscreen displays in the area.

The added value for the POS-10 tablet lies in the combination of several building blocks. Electronics, operating software and modular extensions are the basis for efficient use of the tablets on the sales floor. Your advantage is the low-cost entry with the basic model and the reduced electronic equipment. Components that are not required, such as a camera, battery or scanner, do not burden the budget. You define all relevant interfaces and components of the POS tablet and thus receive a specific offer for each project

The 10″ tablet can be expanded modularly with a LAN interface.

With this functionality, the touch tablet is supplied with power via Power over Ethernet. The prerequisite for this is the use of suitable accessories (e.g. PoE injector) in your network infrastructure. Power and data are then supplied via a single cable.

POS-Tablets 15", 22", 32" and 43"

Flexible functions & slim design
POS-Tablet with Android
  • Capacitive multitouch
  • Android 9 operating system
  • Concealed connections
  • VESA compatible
  • 10-point multi-touch screen
  • LAN connection
  • WLAN / Wifi integrated
  • Power On (automatic start after power supply)
  • Color: black

All-in-one touchscreen PC solutions from a size of approx. 15 inches are not only used in stationary retail. These reliable and slim touchscreen PC systems can also be used for other interactive digital signage solutions, for example as an employee information display in the lounge, for welcoming visitors in the lobby or as an information terminal in a museum.

The POS tablets in lightweight plastic housings in 15-inch and 22-inch sizes can be expanded in terms of functions via external interfaces. End users use familiar functions such as barcode scanners or NFC modules quickly and intuitively. The sleek and modern design of the Android touchscreen PCs reflects a high-quality user interface/product information.

An important argument for the use of the tablets at the POS is a hardened operating system, which is developed in Germany on the basis of Android 6.0. This makes it easy for your IT staff to communicate at eye level with the programmers at gekartel AG. The compatibility of all hardware (board) with the Android operating interface is customizable for each project requirement.

POS-Box for Android

Digital Signage
Playable content
  • PoE and LTE capable
  • WiFi integrated
  • Plup and play
  • Screwable housing

The POS Box for Android is a high-quality tool for controlling a wide range of digital signage applications. In addition to the pure hardware, we also supply you with all the necessary software components as the basis for a wide range of applications. Analogous to our POS tablets, the POS box for Android offers the decisive advantages of long-term availability up to 5 years and 24/7 continuous operation.

The POS-Box for Android is the basis for the playout and control of various contents. On the one hand, you can play videos (with or without sound) and slide shows, on the other hand, the management and control of various apps and HTML5 applications is possible with the GKT Kiosk software. Depending on network availability, applications can be played directly in the browser as well as offline.

On request, we deliver the POS box for Android configured according to your project requirements and ready for connection.

  • Videos: AVI, WMV, MPG2, MPG3, MP4, MKV, RM, RMVB, FLV, MOV, 3GP, VC1, H265
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, AAC, OGG
  • Images: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG

Anti-theft, anti-vandalism and soiling detection.

The impact-resistant robust metal housing and the safety glazing protect our Digital House Panels from destructive external impact. All connections, operating elements and cables of the house panel are integrated into the mounting frame and thus protected against vandalism.

The stable mounting frame prevents theft with a security lock and multiple locking.

The digital pinboard is also protected against less dramatic foreign influences, such as advertising stickers or flyers on the touch display. The monitor automatically detects soiling and reports it to the responsible office.

The Digital House Board

Short info
  • Sizes: 22, 32 or 42 inch
  • 16:9 format: widescreen format for optimal display of all information
  • powerful processor: fast information transfer
  • Touchscreen: Intuitive operation by scrolling, zooming in and out
  • IPS panel: realistic color reproduction, extreme viewing angle stability and optimal brightness
  • Full HD resolution: terrific picture quality
  • Android-based operating system: fast and easy integration of applications
  • Contamination detection: report to the office
  • secured kiosk software: own management system with personal login

With the Digital House Panel, we offer you a touch display that has been specially developed for use in public areas such as stairwells, elevators and building entrances. All requirements for safety and operation are in focus for us.

  • Fire Resistance - The Digital House Board is fire certified and non-combustible.
  • Anti-theft security - mounting frame with security lock
  • Vandalism protection - Robust metal housing with safety glazing
  • Energy efficiency in continuous operation - Motion sensor for interactive brightness control
  • Connection via LAN, W-LAN or LTE

Fire protection certification for operation in sensitive areas such as building entrances.

The Digital House Panel has been tested for fire behavior in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1716:2010-11.

The expert opinion certifies that there is no increased fire load due to the operation of the Digital House Panel in building entrances. In accordance with DIN EN 13823 and DIN EN 13501, full compliance with all criteria for the classification of non-combustible and flame-retardant building materials (for building material class A2-S1, D0 and B-S1, D0 respectively) was certified.

During the fire test, it was further determined that fire spread as well as a full fire due to an electrical defect can be ruled out when installed on a non-combustible substrate.

The operation of the information boards, also in escape and rescue routes, can be carried out without hesitation according to the expert confirmation.

The right complete solution – tablet, stele, software and individual additional components

Our hardware is suitable as a product advisor, room planner, color planner, check-in terminal, wayfinding system or interactive information platform.

The integration and combinability with peripheral components such as printers, scanners and RFID round off the diverse possibilities of the GKT-Flex and offer you maximum flexibility and customizability.

Digital system solutions are only completed by the right peripherals. Due to the modular structure of our POS tablets and the POS boxes AG, it is possible to connect a very large variety of peripheral devices and make them usable in the application.

Connection to the system solutions

The connection of our sensors and actuators as well as other peripherals is done via a predefined system of APIs in JAVA or JavaScript, which are directly controlled during the development of interactive applications.

An independent connection of the hardware within the application is thus omitted in favor of fast and less complex provisioning processes.

Brackets and steles

Stock sale, sample or rent?

The requirements in retail are constantly changing. We are improving the hardware both in terms of system electronics, operating interface and usability. For this reason, we regularly offer stock sales of older product generations. Samples can also be requested directly from us. For planned periods of use with shorter intervals (e.g. trade fair, showroom), tested devices from the rental pool are available.

Register for our news on the sale and rental of Android POS tablets. Tell us your hardware, software and application requirements so that we can successfully customize the solutions for your projects