Digitalization in the housing industry: Inform your tenants in real time

With the “Digital House Noticeboard” as a digital bulletin board, tenants are reached exactly where they come and go every day: in the hallway of the apartment building. They receive up-to-date announcements about garbage collection or electricity reading dates, maintenance work or malfunctions, and have access to further tenant information and tenant services such as the display of mobility data in real time or the booking of multi-purpose rooms, cargo bikes and much more.
External service providers, such as those for house cleaning, can digitally record the time they have worked on site and transmit it to the property management.
As the modern equivalent of a bulletin board, the digital house notice board offers a wide range of options for interaction and tenant communication – always up to date. This is because content can be updated quickly and easily centrally via a content management system for digital signage without any great effort.
The Digital House Noticeboard was developed especially for public areas. In addition to the innovative distribution of information in rental properties, it is characterized by cost savings and process cost minimization in the area of property management communication.


Added value of the digital house board as a bulletin board

Improved tenant information and tenant communication

Maintain current news and information immediately and centrally via CMS/digital signage software

More digital tenant services, e.g. room booking, booking of sharing offers, real-time mobility data

Developing neighborhoods for more quality of life and living

Digital support for property management, e.g. central control and moderation of breakdowns, digital service recording

be perceived as a sustainable company

Makes optimal use of resources and optimizes the economic efficiency of properties

Features of the Digital House Panel from gekartel

  • suitable for 24/7 operation in the hallway or public area
  • self-developed electronics (circuit board) modular design
  • Long-term availability of components and design
  • Multitouch for interactive application
  • Vandalism protection: security glazed display and metal protective housing + theft-proof wall mount with multi-point locking and security lock + no visible cables, no accessible interfaces
  • automatic contamination detection
  • two-piece wall mount for one-man installation
  • Fire protection certified according to DIN EN ISO 1716:2010-11, DIN EN 13823, DIN EN 13501

We offer the following services:

  • Training
  • 24/7 function control of the house panels
  • personal contact
  • Development of individual layouts in the customer CD/CI
  • Statistics on usage behavior

Digital property management

The digital house notice board as a bulletin board is an essential step towards digital house management. The use of a central content management system enables fully automated and precise distribution of information in real time, including control of individual building entrances. At the same time, tenants are able to quickly and easily send feedback to the office, for example to report malfunctions or defects. In addition, tenants can call up key figures and technical parameters, e.g. electricity consumption, via digital energy management applications or the digital utility bill.

With the appropriate peripherals, such as an RFID reader for checking in via transponder, external service providers and employees can, for example, conveniently record digitally on site the work completed on the property. This can be the regularly recurring house rules, but also unscheduled maintenance work.

All-round support and complete solutions from hardware and software

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