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Living together and self-determined in old age” is the concept of the Riesa Residence: These are two senior living communities that provitus opened in downtown Riesa at the beginning of 2022. They offer more than 600 m² of space and design freedom for up to 17 residents.

provitus is already implementing modern residential concepts for living in old age. Senior citizens’ shared apartments are an attractive model, especially for active people, for how they would like to grow old in a community with the greatest possible self-determination.

The Riesa Residence makes this possible with immediate effect: it is centrally located in downtown Riesa, has an elevator and modern rooms and common areas. Specialists and a nice shopping arcade are nearby.

The topic of the digital world and easy access for all residents also plays a major role in the concept. Here, provitus works together with various partners. We are proud to be part of the concept with our digital information board.

The digital house board informs the residents about the most important things of the day in the shared apartment:

  • Which nurses are on duty today and will take care of my needs?
  • What is there to eat today?
  • What events are taking place today or in the near future? Where can I meet and exchange ideas with people?
  • What news are there in Riesa?
  • When does the next bus leave from the nearby bus stop?
  • What is and will be the weather like?

Each week there is also a loving weekly wisdom for the residents*.

In the medium term, the digital house board will make an important contribution to the safety of residents. The plan is for residents to log out with a tap of their finger on the infoboard when they leave the building and log back in just as easily when they come home. This information will ensure that the operator and security forces know exactly which residents are in the building in dangerous situations, such as a fire alarm.

Dana Bellmann, Managing Director of provitus, emphasizes the importance of digital media, especially for older people: “For us, a self-determined life also includes the confident use of digital possibilities. Corona has shown us once again how important it is to actively bring our older citizens into the digital world. Several partners support us in this, e.g. our digital home board.”


provitus Pflegedienst UG (haftungsbeschränkt) has its headquarters in Riesa. From here, the company operates throughout Germany and worldwide for its customers and partners. provitus was founded in 2014 and is now one of the largest private providers of medical services.

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