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gekartel AG integrates the “smallest fire extinguisher in the world” into the Digital House Panel. In case of an internal fire, it extinguishes the fire immediately and prevents worse. You benefit from the advantages of the digital information board in your building entrances and staircases and a PLUS in safety: Your Digital House Boards are fire protection-safe and may also be used in escape and rescue routes. We thus raise the issue of fire protection in media technology to a new level of safety.

We know that every third fire is caused by electricity, electrical systems or electronic devices*. Here, an innovative solution is needed to meet the high requirements in the field of fire protection also in the future. We, gekartel AG, have taken up this challenge!

You continue to benefit from all the advantages of the digital image information system for your tenants and your internal processes – with Fire Protection PLUS.

Learn more about the “world’s smallest fire extinguisher” in the Digital Houseboard at https://gekartel.de/en/magazine/fire-protection-display/ 


*Source: Institute for Loss Prevention and Loss Research, Kiel 2020

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