Klaus Niewöhner-Pape, Managing Director of INDUSTRIA WOHNEN, sees two important trends in the real estate industry – sustainability and digitization:

“It has proven helpful that we focused on digitizing processes at an early stage. This enabled us to continue our business almost seamlessly from the home office even during the first lockdown, while at the same time fulfilling our duty of care to our employees. The Corona pandemic not only demonstrates to us that flexibility, digitization and creativity are important factors in ensuring the long-term success of our company. It also underscores the importance of sustainability in all areas of corporate activity.” (Source: https://www.industria-immobilien.de/)

INDUSTRIA WOHNEN is successfully putting both trends into practice in the construction of new apartments and equipping all new buildings with Digital House Boards. This means that all tenants at all locations have up-to-date information at all times.