Requirements The REWE Market Ltd.

At the start of the project, the retail chain had precise ideas about what requirements the robust tablets would have to meet for daily use in the company’s stores:

  • The tablets are to run on the Android operating system, which will be adapted to the existing IT infrastructure and security structure in the company.
  • The tablets are to be available in the long term.
  • The housings of the tablets are to be adapted to the CI of the company.
  • The tablets are to be commissioned and maintained automatically.

Field of application: Employee information

The grocer is using the tablets in its stores across Germany. Employees log on to the terminal via RFID chip and access personalized information that helps them organize their daily tasks as well as general tasks. At the terminal, the grocer’s employees see:

  • Work instructions
  • General employee information
  • Rack filling instructions
  • Manuals and instructions
  • In addition, the tablet terminal offers the possibility to give feedback, it has an input function for this purpose.