OBI’s digital adhesive advice offers customers comprehensive and cross-brand product recommendations when selecting adhesives. With the help of an interactive application, the customer is intuitively guided through the selection menu and determines the material, the size of the surface to be bonded and the accuracy of fit, as well as interior or exterior. The result is a selection of suitable adhesives and suitable alternatives. The entire range of the adhesives shelf is included in the product selection.
The descriptive application videos provide background knowledge, give suggestions for DIY projects, and thus ideally complement the Adhesive Advisor’s range of products.

Hardware & Services

The POS-10 tablets were configured by us and equipped with the technical software. The interactive application was developed together with the agency creativ clicks. The adhesive consultant is set up in both German and Austrian OBI stores and offers a choice between the German and Austrian product range via the language settings. This provides maximum flexibility in delivery

The digital advisor for the right door operator