For hagebau Baumarkt, gekartel has implemented qualified product consulting systems. On the one hand for room planning and on the other hand for the configuration of shower cabins. Hagebau has equipped stores throughout Germany with the room planner and shower cubicle configurator. Content updates were uploaded to the devices from our headquarters during the start-up phase. The system is kept up to date by the direct link to the hagebau article master database and the merchandise management system for availability & price information with an up-to-dateness of half a day. Outdated content is thus a thing of the past. Statistical data provides information on the frequency and type of use and thus helps to continuously improve the application and the product range.
The gekartel fault hotline also offers store staff and field staff the opportunity to report malfunctions directly.

Project period
  • 900 POS-10 and POS-15 tablets with integrated scanner, with a corporate design bezel, for rent
  • over 900 branches

2016 – 2020

  • Project management
  • Content
  • Device management/monitoring
  • individual support
  • Statistics

Customer requirements

  • Hardware suitable for 24/7 operation
  • Daily automatic function checks to immediately detect and eliminate malfunctions

Description of the application: Room planner

Customers can use the hagebau room planner to select their room situation and receive advice on the design of walls and floors in order to find the ideal combination of paints, wallpapers and floor coverings for their own home.
The customer is advised thereby manufacturer-spreading and can select from a multiplicity of considerable products from the ranges color, wallpaper, parquet, Vinyl and many further. These products can be combined virtually in the room situation as desired and then placed in a shopping cart as a selection.
The room planner provides information on product details, required quantities depending on the container size, availability of the respective article in this market as well as an associated price information. Various filter criteria guide the user quickly to the target. Alternatively, it is also possible to scan in color cards, view the corresponding color shade directly in the room situation and find out further details.

Description of the application: Shower enclosure configurator

The shower enclosure configurator offers shoppers more than 30,000 articles to choose from. The intelligent consulting system guides the shopper intuitively and specifically through a configuration menu to the right, individual shower enclosure for him or her in just a few steps.

Shoppers can experience or feel the material properties of the selected articles on site via display samples. The combination of a complete range of goods and the feel of the display samples offer the shopper a unique sales momentum, which can be concluded directly with an order option via the merchandise management system.

The combination check, the detailed product descriptions as well as the price information equally support the sales staff in the consultation. Any incorrect planning and the resulting expensive incorrect deliveries are avoided and contribute to process cost optimization.

Digital consultant solutions for the point of sale from gekartel

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