Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Ahrensburg (Schleswig Holstein), JOB GmbH is a world leader in the research and production of heat-sensitive glass ampoules, Thermo Bulb Links and miniature fire extinguishers (AMFE & E-Bulb) for safety applications. Due to their high quality and reliability, nearly 2,000 million JOB Thermo Bulbs have been installed by all major sprinkler manufacturers worldwide. More than 50 years of continuous innovation and the use of innovative technologies guarantee the highest possible standard for life-saving products. JOB uses its self-drawn glass tubes and can thus offer great flexibility for different ampoule specifications according to customer requirements.

The E-Bulb - device-integrated fire protection

The E-Bulb is a patented fire extinguishing fuse for small electrical appliances for installation directly in the appliance. The ampoule is triggered at a defined temperature and can automatically detect and extinguish fires in the electrical appliance.
The liquid in the ampoule does not damage the electronics in the process. Due to the applied conductive coating, the current is permanently interrupted after triggering and re-ignition can be prevented.